Company Picnics 101 Part I

Company Picnics 101

When planning a company picnic there are a few rules and guidelines you must follow in order to create the most successful picnic possible. Encore NW has worked with some of the worlds leading businesses and fortune 500 companies. So we know the ins & outs of company picnics and event planning. Having ace’s in customer service, we are here to give you a few tips and pointers on planning the best company picnic possible.

Company Picnic


Location Location Location

When choosing a location for your company picnic you want to make sure it is a close distance to your actual business. Making your employees drive out of their way just to attend the event will add unnecessary stress. So keep it simple and close, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. However, company picnics are typically held during the summer. So it is recommended to have the picnic outdoors in an open space.  A near by park works perfectly.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Beyond picking a close and easy location you want to make sure your staff is comfortable. Let them know before hand to dress down. Let your co-workers show off their true style and see them in a different light. Who wants to go to a picnic in work clothes anyways?

You should also start the event off with food. It doesn’t have to be the typical office junk food, i.e. coffee, donuts, muffins, ext. You get enough of that at the office. But you also want to make sure not to over do it!  Make it a well balanced meal. If your event starts in the morning why not start with granola, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit?

Mix Fun & Learning

Mix team building exercises, leadership development, and fun all together. Divide your employees into teams and have them challenge one another through fun and creative obstacle courses. At first this may seem complicated but having an event planner help you through the process will make things much easier. Inflatable obstacle courses can easily be rented, set up, and teared down for your event.

You can take it even further and rent tons of attractions adding to the fun element. Rent a dunk tank to dunk your boss.  Or try your luck on a mechanical bull. These attractions are not only fun but help create a bonding experience, as well as gives your employees a chance to get loose.

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Company Picnic Ideas

Whether its your first time planning a company picnic or you’ve been doing it for years your still scrapped for ideas. You want to break away from the traditional and ordinary company picnic and really show off what you are capable of. You want to  show your co-workers a good time and give them a chance to let their hair down and get loose. Here are a few ideas for you to kick around.

Pick a Theme

Company Picnics are typically held in the summer time. Why not choose a climate appropriate theme? Luau, fiesta, independence day, wild west, California dreamin’, and more are great for when the weather is warm. Wild West Party Rental is a great resource for western themed events. Themes are great because they involve guest participation and the more in depth you get with your theme the more of a wow factor your picnic will be. Themes help create an illusion of being at a different place or time. However you need to make sure that your theme is appropriate for your company. Discuss with your event planner all of your options before making a decision.

Bring in New and Contemporary Attractions

The classic carnival games and attractions such as dunk tanks, relay races, obstacle courses, and so on are classics for a reason. They will always be enjoyable. However, if you want to make your company picnic more up to speed with today’s generation here are a few suggestions.

  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Audio Visual Trailers
  • Mechanical Bulls
  • Cash Cubes
  • Photobooths
  • Casino Tables
  • Inflatable Water Slides
  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses
  • Monkey Motion
  • The List Goes On!

The options are endless when it comes to renting out attractions for company picnics. Encore NW is one of the United States leading event rental company. Make sure to speak with your event planner to see all of your options in choosing attractions for your company picnic. They will help filter the perfect attractions to fit your company picnic.

Don’t Forget About Food & Beverage

You want to make sure to have plenty of food to go around. There are tons of option available when it comes to supplying food for your event. There is the option of catering, classic carnival concessions, themed BBQs, and much more.  Classic Concession typically include cotton candy machine, hot dog rollers, sno cone machines, and so on. Having alcohol, a bar, or a keg is a great way to spice up any type of event.  Discuss with your event planner all of your catering options and ways to incorporate alcohol into your event.

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Guide To Company Picnics

Guide to Company Picnics:

When planning a company picnic  there are a few guidelines you want to follow in order to make your picnic the most successful event possible. Encore NW is here to help. After being in this business for over a decade, our staff has worked with and served some of the worlds biggest businesses and fortune 500 companies. Encore NW knows all of the ins & outs of company picnics and corporate events because that is what we do.

Know who you are working with

When planning any type of big event you want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy company. Liabilities can become a big issue when having an event with a large amount of people. Thing can go wrong very quickly and you need to make sure the company you are working with will be able to handle it. At any type of event guest tend to let loose and go a little crazy, especially if booze are involved. Do research and make sure the event planning company you are working with is reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

Encore NW specializes in company picnics of over 500 people. Through out the years we have earned the privileged of being one of the United States most trustworthy and reliable event planning companies.

Make Sure There is Tons of Food & Drink

What better way to show your employees how much you appreciate the work they have done for you then by catering them with massive amounts of food.  It is not only important to do this because you want to show them you care, but because you need to take care of them they way they take care of you all year long. When throwing an outdoor company picnic the sun is out and your guest can easily get dehydrated and over heated. And again if you are serving alcohol at the event you need to make sure there is enough food to go around for everyone. You wont want anyone getting sick.

There are a few different routes you can take when choosing food for your event. You can stick with the classic carnival stands and concessions, have your event specially catered, or make it into a barbque. The options are endless, but make sure to talk with your event planner and go over all of your options to make sure they food & beverages you choose are the right fit for your paticular event.

Encore NW helps customize all of your catering needs. Whether you want a vegitarian or vegan option, or make it all organic. Encore NW will make it happen for you. It’s what we do.

Entertainment Solutions

Options are endless when it comes to entertaining your employees.  Live acts such as DJs or bands are always a hit at company picnics. Close off an area and make a dance floor for your employees. It will give you things to joke about with them at the water cooler months down the road. Live entertainers such as clowns, balloon artists, face painters, magicians, and more, are great when your employee’s whole family is involved. Live entertainers are great for children and teens, but adults will enjoy them as well.

Classic Carnival games such as relay races, obstacle courses, and more, have been a hit for years at company picnics. However you can also add more contemporary elements like inflatable water slides, rock walls, mechanical bulls, photo booths, and more. The options are endless.

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Company Picnic Portland

Company Picnic Planner Portland, OR

Company Picnics only come around once a year. Make this year’s picnic something your co-workers will remember. When it comes to company picnics Encore NW is experienced, qualified, and capable to help you.

Company Picnic Portland
Company Picnic Portland

Encore NW is a full service company. Our clientele spans from some of the worlds top fortune 500 companies to your average individual. Our services offered include event management, event rentals, staffing, and much more! We work to be the best in the business, which is why we are. Not only is our client list impressive, but our service, reliability, and customer satisfaction goes unmatched.

Encore NW can help you with company picnic games, obstacle courses, relay races, entertainment. We can design your event site layout, providing tents, tables, chairs, and much more event rentals.

Company picnics need food as well. As a city Portland has great food. Encore NW Portland offers tons of great company picnic catering options, concessions, and BBQ rentals. We help with buffet catering, fine dining, cocktail parties, and much more. We work with you to create the best menu for your guests. We are able to customize or personalize anything your could possibly desire.

Need help finding a venue?

Our Service areas include:

* Albany * Ashland * Astoria *Beaverton * Bend * Boring * Canby *Cannon Beach *
* Coos Bay * Corvallis *  Creswell* Dallas * Eugene * Florence *Gearhart *
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* Redmond * Salem * Seaside * Shady Cove * Silverton * Sisters * Tigard *
* Tillamook * Troutdale * Waldport *Warrenton * Yachats *

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Food Ideas for Company Picnics

Summer is coming and it is time to start planning your company picnic. First thing is first, you want to pick out what type of food to serve at your picnic. However there are a few decisions you are going to have to make about your picnic before you can choose a menu.

Company Picnic Food
Food Ideas For Company Picnics

What time of day will it be held? If it is starting in the morning you will need to make sure to not only supply breakfast but snacks as well.

How long is your company picnic going to last? If it is going to be an all day affair you will have to supply either copious amounts of food or multiple meals.

Will you be serving alcohol? You need to be careful when serving alcohol. One too many drinks can turn a lovely company picnic into a disaster. However if that is not that case then make sure to supply plenty of water and carbohydrates.

Stay within budget

When planning at event for lots of people the cost of food can add up very quickly depending on the choices you make.  At first having grilled salmon may sound great, but try feeding that to 200 plus co-workers. Picnic’s typically consist of your standard burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and so on. But staying within budget doesn’t mean you have to conform to the norm. Here are a few inexpensive food options that serve well for tons of people.

  • Ratatouille with feta
  • macaroni and potato salad
  • biscuits
  • fried chicken
  • Greek orzo
  • grilled shrimp
  • glazed ham
  • honey beans
  • tuna salad
  • beet salad
  • Pesto chicken pasta
  • the list goes on!

Keep it Simple

When serving a lot of people there will be a lot of opinions, likes, and dislikes about the food. It is impossible to cater to everyone’s taste. So make sure to offer an option for the pickiest of eaters.  Also don’t forget to supply and option for vegetarians or vegans!

Need help planning your company picnic?

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Company Picnics in Portland, OR

A Guide to planning a Company Picnic in Portland.

Company picnics are the perfect way to show employees your appreciation. A successful company picnic will result in giving your employees and their families something to look forward to all year long and talk about for months after.  They will truly cherish the time and energy you put into making the best company picnic possible.

Picnic Game Ideas for all types of company events and parties.

Encore NW is here to make it easy for you.  After working with some of the United States leading banks, corporations, fortune 500 companies, and some of the biggest names in the world, we know everything there is to know about making the most epic company picnic desirable. Working with crowds of 50ppl to those over 50,000, our company picnic planners are here to serve you.

We know the ins and outs and have see the ups and downs of every kind of corporate event. Trust us, we’ve been there.

We have all the tents, tables, chairs, power, and site infrastructure needs covered.  Our inventory of equipment, knowledgeable planners, and engaging passion for party planning and special events will all be huge assets to your upcoming celebration.

  • Pirate theme
  • Fourth of July Theme
  • Wipe Out Theme
  • Medeval Theme
  • Wild West Theme
  • Mardi Gras Theme
  • James Bond theme
  • And More!

Incorporate Live entertainment:

  • Live Music; DJ, live bands, karaoke, hosts, MC’s
  • Live entertainers: clowns, face painters,  jugglers, flame blows, stilt walkers, balloon artist, caricature artists
  • Live acts; hypnotist, magician, comedians

Live acts create an ambiance; setting the tone and mood of your picnic. DJ’s  and live bands add music to create an entertaining atmosphere for your guests and employees. DJ’s also make great hosts or announcers for your picnic. Live entertainers also serve as great game or competition leaders because you mustn’t forget to incorporate classic picnic games into your event.

Classic Picnic Games such as tug-a-war, three legged race, sack races, egg-spoon race, and so on, have been hits at picnics for generations. However you can also make your company picnic more contemporary by adding in new and exciting attractions!

Including Contemporary Attractions:

  • Slip and slides
  • Photo booths
  • Cash Cubes
  • Bounce Houses
  • Video Game Trailers
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Inflatable Movie Screens
  • Laser Tag
  • Foam Pits
  • Mini Golf Courses
  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Mechanical Bulls
  • And More!

These new and contemporary attractions are what turn an ordinary company picnic into something spectacular. Making your company picnic the event of the year and putting others to shame. Your employees will line up again and again to visit each of these attractions gaurenteed.

Lets not forget concessions and fun foods:

  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Hot Dog Machines
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Snow Cones
  • Nacho Machines
  • Or anything you can imagine!

Don’t forget about feeding those employees who have been working so hard for you all year round. Send your employees and their families home satisfied with the buzz of picnic and carnival food they rarely get to eat. Who can say no to hot dogs and cotton candy? But don’t think the options end there. You name it and we can provide it for you. Remember, we are here to serve you. Would you like an all organic picnic? Or vegetarian and vegan friendly options? We can easily accommodate it. We’ve been doing it for years.

Encore NW is the most expansive event planning, management, and party rental company around.  Don’t have time to plan your picnic? We can provide you with the best event planners anywhere around. We are happy to help you with any of your company picnic needs and desires.

Give us a call at (888) 952-4811

Company Picnic Games, Activities, and Entertainment Ideas

Company Picnic Ideas, Entertainment, Games, Planning, and Corporate Event Management.

  • Serving Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, and Beyond!

We specialize in company picnic events with more than 500 guests

When it comes to planning and managing your next company picnic – We at Encore NW have all the details under control.  At Encore NW Event planning, our experienced company picnic planners can put together all the aspects of your event, so you are completely hands off.  We can create a custom proposal to meet your needs, and manage all the details so that you can just enjoy the event with your colleagues and their families!

Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Company Picnic Catering – From the standard picnic foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, dip, and delicious cookies, to more custom menus with delicious BBQ catering options, and a whole lot more- we can manage all aspects of your company picnic catering needs!

Picnic Games and Entertainment – Our selection of picnic games, entertainment, and professional event entertainment solutions is incomparable.  We have en endless amount of resources available for special event planners of all shapes and sizes.  From bounce houses, to inflatable slides, rock walls, and more- we are here to help.  We also have professional clowns, face painters, and balloon artists, game leaders, and professional DJ’s to provide the best entertainment you will find.

Company Picnic/Party Rentals – We can help you with all your event rental needs.  From tents, to tables, chairs, and much more… Our Party rental and event services inventory is chock full of all kinds of party rental items for company picnics and other special events.

Our professional company picnic planners can assist you with venue selection, arranging power or other infrastructure needs, and even transportation solutions.

If you are planning a company picnic and need some help- let us know, we are happy to be of service!

The Holiday Party, Top 5 Entertainment Tips

Planning the company holiday party can be a really fun experience.  But the bottom line is you want to make sure your guests have as much fun or more at the party as you do planning it.

Each year, thousands of people begin planning the holiday party and each year, every single person out there is doing the best they can to make the party bigger, better, and more successful than any other party out there.  They are also trying to make sure the party is at least as fun as last years event…

The common trap people fall into when planning a party is doing the same thing over and over…  When people know exactly what to expect at a party, attendance starts to dwindle- and the excitement/allure of going to the event begins to diminish.

Here are some fresh ideas for planning a new and different company holiday event this year:

1) Change the location of the Holiday Party –

While holding your holiday party event at the same location year after year can be a tradition, ad can create some consistency- changing up the location of the event offers a multitude of options to you.   Finding a new event space can not only benefit your party by adding allure, but it also gives you an opportunity to change up food options, entertainment options, and a whole lot more…

2) Look into some new entertainment ideas.

From bringing in Pool Tables and a game table type theme, to having a stage act or entertainer, to casino party entertainment, murder mystery’s,  video/arcade games, arts and crafts activities- and a whole lot more there are all kinds of entertainment options for the holiday season.  In addition to game rentals- classic holiday characters like Santa and the elves can be a huge draw to people with families!

3) Create a Buzz.

There is no better way to boost attendance than to create a buzz.  This can be done many different ways.  It may be as simple as starting the conversation about a holiday party with the invitees, asking for entertainment and activity ideas or requests, and sharing those ideas with the group in a fun and candid email campaign.  After this initial contact regarding the holiday party, it will be easy to catch people’s attention with fun updates regarding planning, the date, etc…

Another way of doing this without having a million ideas and office politics to juggle would be do simply start a countdown… Which updates daily, or even by the minute- until the holiday party.  Every once and a while throughout the planning process you could drop a hint regarding an activity, or other item of interest that will be at the party.  This kind of thing creates mystery and allure- and can go great as long as you make sure to have a great event planned for the culmination!

4) Pick a theme.

This is pretty much event planning 101.  if you do not have a theme, or a common goal, or something tying the whole event together then it can be very difficult to create a cohesive event at which all of the activities, decor, catering, invitations, and entertainment work together.  So deciding on a theme for the holiday party is important.

Themes can be simple or elaborate for holiday parties.  We have hosted simple “Frosty the Snowman” themed events, to full fledged “Winter in the 80’s” blowouts.  There is no end to the amount of great themes out there.  If you need help planning an event theme- just give us a call!

5) Always have booze.

A holiday event without alcohol is pretty much lame.  If you, the boss, or other people in the organization do not drink at all- not even socially, that is fine.  But it is pretty much silly to enforce this rule on everyone else at the company.  The fact is that most working people do enjoy a nice drink at the end of the day or work week- and denying your guests the opportunity to have a drink is not going to create a happy, fun, and interactive crowd.

In our experience working with some of the leading global companies in the world- crowds are much more fun, and events have a lot more participation when the booze is flowing.  It is a pretty paramount piece behind the success of several companies out there.  People for years have socialized and cut loose having drinks at home, at bars, or other functions.  Denying your workforce this ability will not give your crew the opportunity to cut loose together and celebrate a job well done.

Picnic Games and Ideas

Company Picnic Games and ideas for picnic entertainment for all ages.

Picnic Games in Portland, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sacramento, Redding, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno, and beyond.  Your company picnic entertainment selection has never been better!

Picnic Game Ideas for all types of company events and parties.

Encore NW Company Picnic Planners serve corporate clients hosting picnic, holiday party, and employee appreciation events.  We work regularly with groups of 10ppl up to some of the United States leading banks, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies offering large event solutions for crowds in excess of 50,000 ppl.

We are extremely familiar with what is and is not successful at corporate events.  We know what it takes to plan for a successful gathering and we have the infrastructure to support the needs of any sized special event.

We are here to help with all your planning needs.

As the picture above suggests- we know company picnic games and entertainment in and out.  We offer the best selection on the west coast.

Here are just a few entertaining ideas for your event:

Live Entertainment

We always recommend hiring live entertainment for corporate events.  Professional entertainers and performers can transform the atmosphere and make any event a more enjoyable experience.  We can offer all kinds of entertainment solutions for special events.

  • DJ’s, Hosts, Emcees
  • Live Bands and Music
  • Picnic Game Hosts
  • Clowns, Face Painters, Balloon Twisters & More.
  • Variety Acts

A DJ is a great addition because music adds to any event.  The element of music makes for a more enjoyable and upbeat atmosphere.  DJ’s can also run a number of classic picnic games and activities which can be a huge advantage when you have a large crowd.  In addition the microphone and PA system offer a great way to address large groups and get them involved.  Clowns, Picnic Game Hosts, and other entertainers can also run all kinds of picnic activities.

Picnic Games For all sizes of events!
We offer all kinds of game and entertainment ideas for special events.

Company Picnic Classics

These are the classic picnic games and activities that have been utilized at corporate events, field day events and other gatherings.

  • Tug-O-War
  • Gunny Sack races
  • Relay Races
  • Egg-Spoon Relay
  • Three Legged Race

These activities have proven successful for all types of crowds, for all types of ages, for years.


Inflatable games have long been utilized for special events of all types.  We can offer all kinds of them to entertain any group.

Velro Wall, Bungee Run, Obstacle Courses, Sumo Wrestling, Inflatable Slides, Bounce Houses, and more.  Our inflatable selection is unmatched- and we are proud to offer inflatables that will be successful to fit any theme with enough selection to serve any crowd.

Carnival Games and Carnival Activities

There is nothing more festive than a carnival midway.  This type of area captures the true feeling of the American festival and is in a sense a great little piece of Americana.  The carnival has been used to entertain groups of people at all kinds of gatherings for hundreds of years.  At EncoreNW – we bring the carnival into the realm of the corporate picnic and create custom activities that both support your company branding and identity, as well as give that true feeling of bliss which can only be achieved at a classic carnival.

We have everything needed- from games to booths, carnival prizes and concessions, everything to make a full fledged carnival midway at your picnic.  We also have the creative team and development abilities to custom create carnival games and activities to meet the specifications and needs of every client.

Carnival Rides, Climbing Walls, and more!

Our game and entertainment selection also encompasses rock climbing walls, bungee trampolines, and more.   We also have ferris wheels, spin rides, swing rides, and all kinds of other fun attractions which are perfect for large groups.  In addition when the crowds are really large- we can bring in multiple rock walls, multiple bungee trampolines, and multiple games activities and entertainment items to your special event.

At Encore NW we are happy to work with any company picnic or special event planner who is interested in providing the best entertainment, the best game selection, and the best picnic ideas around.  In addition we can assist you with all kinds of other picnic planning nitty gritty (our event production abilities are limitless.)

Company Picnic Phoenix

Company Picnic Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix company picnic provider- planning, administrating, and executing the best company picnics anywhere in the metro area.

Phoenix Company Picnic Planning

A company picnic is an event which takes careful planning and management in order to get the best results.  At EncoreNW- we plan, manage, administrate, and facilitate company picnics and other corporate events for companies of all sizes.

Company Picnic Planners
Company Picnic Planners

No matter what size your group- if you are planning for 50ppl or 50,000 ppl- The event planners at EncoreNW can help.  We are well versed and fully capable of providing all your needs for any special event.

Our company picnic planners will provide you with the best picnic planning and management services available- they can help with everything from catering to event rentals, to picnic games and entertainment, and can even facilitate the set up, tear down, and clean up of your event.  If you are planning a picnic and need some ideas for your phoenix company picnic – then let us know and we are happy to help!

Company Picnic Catering in PhoenixDeluxe Picnic BBQ

When it comes to catering for your picnic- at Encore NW we have all the bases covered.

From classic picnic BBQ, Delicious salads, sweets, and a limitless selection of food service items- we can help.  For smaller events with a simple catering set up, we can help. For larger events where different foods need to be available for different groups- we can create and manage many different menu items, cooking, and service areas at once.   Our culinary network offers all kinds of solutions to all kinds of food service needs.

Phoenix company picnic rentals

We offer company picnic rental management and fulfillment services to help with all aspects of your picnic rental needs.  Whether you need a tug o war rope, a grill to cook on, portable sanitation units, picnic service items, charter transportation, or any event service for your picnic – we can help.  Our rental division holds a large resource of Tents, Tables, Chairs, picnic tables, umbrellas, and all kinds of other services for special events.

Earthball Games
Earthball Games

Phoenix area company picnic entertainment services.

Our entertainment planning and management services also offers a limitless selection of picnic games and event services.  From jugglers to clowns, to stage shows, bands, singers, and more- if you want the best picnic entertainment packages, count on Encore NW.  We also have the largest selection of designer inflatable attractions and entertainment items available in the phoenix area at our disposal.

1st class entertainment and management for your Phoenix company picnic is only a phone call away.

If you are looking to get the best company picnic you can in the Phoenix area, then place your bets on EncoreNW – we will do everything to make sure your special event goes off without a hitch.