Corporate Training Seminars

There is something about “Corporate Training” that sounds so exciting. Gasp…

What we do is create training programs that inspire, invigorate, and excite.
We create seminars that teach in cutting edge, effective, and interesting ways.

Acquisitions – Introductions New Product Releases Sales Strategies
Team Building Human Resource Fairs Management Training

When it comes to designing, training, and arranging all the details for a corporate training session our professional planners can help. Many of our planners are experienced business owners, managers, presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s and will happily share their experience and expertise to help your organization realize its corporate training goals.

We can arrange every aspect of a training event from venues to transportation, hotel lodging, presentation content, media creation, power point development, catering, and more. Most importantly our staff will work hand in hand with you in order to create a program which is both creatively built and engaging for the attendees. What is your goal? How can we help you?

Acquisitions – Corporate Takeovers

We had a customer who wanted to teach a newly acquired staff about the new company culture, policies, and its commitment to them as employees. We created a retreat program that:

  1. Welcomed them to the Family.
  2. Asked for and Addressed Concerns.
  3. Introduced them to their new colleagues.
  4. Expressed company goals & beliefs.
  5. Introduced company culture and branding.

For information on how we can assist you with your new business acquisition just contact us. We can help. We work with all kinds of organizations to plan a company wide events, establish new working relationships, and create a common desire to succeed.

New Product Releases

The way you educate staff about new products, designs, or releases can ultimately determine the ultimate success of the new release. At Encore NW Event Productions we work hard to inspire, invigorate, and excite people about your brand.

One of our customers was ready to introduce a new line of Clothes, Apparel, and Footwear. They needed a creative, innovative, and exciting way to release the new designs to:

  1. The Press
  2. Sales People
  3. Buyers

What we did for them was create several different events, on the web, at the factory, at the sales office, and at various public locations. All of these events were placed with one main focus: creating a buzz about the new product line. The product release was a huge success due to our integrated planning services. We are the best choice for your product launch.

Sales Strategies

Larger enterprises need ways to educate higher level employees on how to best represent their company, how to train staff, and how to get the results a company needs to see out of each location. Honing in on how you want your staff to sell, and how you relay this message to your team is essential.

We can help in many ways when it comes to creating sales strategies that will work and educating your staff on how to sell.

We manage conferences and meetings to bring a new level of excitement though providing interactive learning tools and presentations, exciting videos, custom audio cuts, and more.

Human Resource Fairs

Creating partners is a huge part of what a Human Resource fair is all about. We work with some of the leading human resource fair planners in the industry and can assist with many different aspects of these types of events.

* Benefits Fairs
* Safety Fairs
* Health & Wellness Expos
* Sports & Fitness Festivals
* Medical Screenings
* Health Risk Assessments
* Lunch Hour Programs
* CPR & First Aid Classes
* On-site Massage & Fitness
* Employee Appreciation Days and much moreā€¦..

When it comes to creating the perfect event for your human resources department- we are here to be of service.

Management Training

A strong, well trained management team is essential to any organization. Your managers are representatives of the company to both internal and external customers. Making sure that they understand your company culture, products, services, and how you go about business is a key part of ensuring quality.

For larger organizations sometimes this means getting managers from different locations and bringing them together in one central event.

Determining a good place for this meeting is essential. Making your team feel special and taken care of is also an integral part of the plan. When we manage your training seminar details regarding venues, transportation, lodging, and food/beverage are covered. We’ll focus on all the details so you can focus on building good relationships with your management teams which is the foundation of every successful business.