Picnic Games and Ideas

Company Picnic Games and ideas for picnic entertainment for all ages.

Picnic Games in Portland, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sacramento, Redding, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno, and beyond.  Your company picnic entertainment selection has never been better!

Picnic Game Ideas for all types of company events and parties.

Encore NW Company Picnic Planners serve corporate clients hosting picnic, holiday party, and employee appreciation events.  We work regularly with groups of 10ppl up to some of the United States leading banks, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies offering large event solutions for crowds in excess of 50,000 ppl.

We are extremely familiar with what is and is not successful at corporate events.  We know what it takes to plan for a successful gathering and we have the infrastructure to support the needs of any sized special event.

We are here to help with all your planning needs.

As the picture above suggests- we know company picnic games and entertainment in and out.  We offer the best selection on the west coast.

Here are just a few entertaining ideas for your event:

Live Entertainment

We always recommend hiring live entertainment for corporate events.  Professional entertainers and performers can transform the atmosphere and make any event a more enjoyable experience.  We can offer all kinds of entertainment solutions for special events.

  • DJ’s, Hosts, Emcees
  • Live Bands and Music
  • Picnic Game Hosts
  • Clowns, Face Painters, Balloon Twisters & More.
  • Variety Acts

A DJ is a great addition because music adds to any event.  The element of music makes for a more enjoyable and upbeat atmosphere.  DJ’s can also run a number of classic picnic games and activities which can be a huge advantage when you have a large crowd.  In addition the microphone and PA system offer a great way to address large groups and get them involved.  Clowns, Picnic Game Hosts, and other entertainers can also run all kinds of picnic activities.

Picnic Games For all sizes of events!
We offer all kinds of game and entertainment ideas for special events.

Company Picnic Classics

These are the classic picnic games and activities that have been utilized at corporate events, field day events and other gatherings.

  • Tug-O-War
  • Gunny Sack races
  • Relay Races
  • Egg-Spoon Relay
  • Three Legged Race

These activities have proven successful for all types of crowds, for all types of ages, for years.


Inflatable games have long been utilized for special events of all types.  We can offer all kinds of them to entertain any group.

Velro Wall, Bungee Run, Obstacle Courses, Sumo Wrestling, Inflatable Slides, Bounce Houses, and more.  Our inflatable selection is unmatched- and we are proud to offer inflatables that will be successful to fit any theme with enough selection to serve any crowd.

Carnival Games and Carnival Activities

There is nothing more festive than a carnival midway.  This type of area captures the true feeling of the American festival and is in a sense a great little piece of Americana.  The carnival has been used to entertain groups of people at all kinds of gatherings for hundreds of years.  At EncoreNW – we bring the carnival into the realm of the corporate picnic and create custom activities that both support your company branding and identity, as well as give that true feeling of bliss which can only be achieved at a classic carnival.

We have everything needed- from games to booths, carnival prizes and concessions, everything to make a full fledged carnival midway at your picnic.  We also have the creative team and development abilities to custom create carnival games and activities to meet the specifications and needs of every client.

Carnival Rides, Climbing Walls, and more!

Our game and entertainment selection also encompasses rock climbing walls, bungee trampolines, and more.   We also have ferris wheels, spin rides, swing rides, and all kinds of other fun attractions which are perfect for large groups.  In addition when the crowds are really large- we can bring in multiple rock walls, multiple bungee trampolines, and multiple games activities and entertainment items to your special event.

At Encore NW we are happy to work with any company picnic or special event planner who is interested in providing the best entertainment, the best game selection, and the best picnic ideas around.  In addition we can assist you with all kinds of other picnic planning nitty gritty (our event production abilities are limitless.)